We value people.

At Salt'n Daisy there is no big corporation behind it, but real people, with real values, who act honestly and of their own accord and with personal goals. We firmly believe that together we can make a difference, contribute to a better future and meet our need to belong.

We value honesty.

We have big dreams, but we're only human. We don't have superpowers, though we communicate transparently and keep our promises.

And we are convinced that many people in many different places can have a positive impact on our environment and our future through small changes without having to completely turn their everyday lives upside down.

We value well-being.

Our goal is for the well-being of all members of the Salt'n Daisy Community to contribute: from our suppliers to our partners and distributors to our followers and supporters.

We dream of a healthy and fair future in which everyone has the same opportunities. That is why we are constantly researching and contributing to sustainable projects that improve the lives of many people.

We appreciate nature.

Nature is our home. It provides us with the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food that nourishes us and beautiful landscapes that are oases of relaxation.

Now it's in our hands to give something back to nature. We promise to take our future into our own hands and save our planet one spoonful at a time.