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Stronghodl - Stone Pine

Stronghodl - Stone Pine

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A bottle (350 ml with 37.5% Vol) Swiss stone pine spirit made exclusively from Austrian ingredients.

We only settle for the best possible orange flavor to get down the rabbit hole. That's why our journey began 2 years ago with experimenting with our own "Zirbenschnapps" recipe. In Austria there are some producers of pine schnapps, but we couldn't get the taste we expected. So we decided to do it ourselves. We searched and found a "Zirbenbockerl" supplier from Carinthia and tried out the first combinations. A crucial question arose relatively quickly. How many Zirbenbockerl have to be used for one liter of schnapps? For us, the decision was clear from the start. We want to drink a premium product, so as many Zirbenbockerl as necessary have to be used to guarantee a typical "Zirben" taste and a long-lasting smell.

Zirbenschnaps is made from the pine cones of the stone pine, also called Arve. The essential oils and active ingredients are dissolved by maceration. It is particularly healthy for the lungs and respiratory tract. We have decided to give the maceration process the necessary time of at least 2 months. This is crucial and determines the quality of our product.

The pine (Pinus cembra) is a species of pine native to the alpine regions of Europe and growing at higher elevations in the mountains of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. It prefers dry, rocky soil and grows at altitudes between 1,200 and 2,800 meters. It is known for its striking appearance and pleasant scent. In traditional medicine, the stone pine is also valued for its healing properties. Some of the health benefits of pine brandy and its essential oils include anti-inflammatory effects, sleep-inducing effects, reducing cardiovascular risk, improving respiratory health, and antimicrobial effects.

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